The “Death By” format is always a fun one, let’s get after it today with some clean and jerks!  A few months back we tried this with power snatches and it was a lot of fun.  On the first minute complete 1 clean and jerk, on the 2nd minute 2, on the third three so on and so on until you can not complete the number for reps needed for the minute you are on.  Once you fail, take a minute off then start working your way back up from 3 again, climb back up as high as you can until 16 minutes are up.  If you make it the full 16 minutes you are a beast or beastette!  For some un-timed accessory work after the clean and jerks, tackle some rope climbs as listed below.

For 16 minutes

“Death by Clean and Jerks” (135/95)

Accessory Work

Accumulate 10 (of your choice)

A) legless rope climbs

B) rope climbs

C) half way rope climbs

D) practice Rope climbs

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