Start off with a primer designed to get you ready to land in the bottom of the snatch. 3 sets of this should be about 5-6 minutes and will be un-scored.

The meat of our snatch work today will be working triples of the hang snatch. Using 65% 1 RM hit 3 reps each set from the hang without putting the bar down and landing in the bottom position each time.

Titan Phase 3 Day 6
Snatch Work (22 minutes)

Warm-up (do not record)
BTN Push Press + Pause Overhead Squat
2 + 2 x 3

Hang Squat Snatch Triples
4×3 using 65% 1RM

AMRAP in 12 minutes

12 Thrustes (95/65)
9 burpees over the bar
12 Toes to Bar

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