Working on strength is important, but just spending time building to a heavy set can leave us frustrated. Today after you hit your heavy set, back off and work at 80%. This is training to get stronger guys, don’t try to PR today, try to get strong and move well.

TNG = Touch and Go

In CrossFit we need to be able to string our barbell movements together. Let’s practice hanging onto the bar today and find a heavy 3 rep TNG Power Clean.

For the Met-con you’ll need to pull under the barbell and land in a squat, use a weight that will allow you to string some of these together. In between rounds and after the round of 9 complete 50 double unders.


Warm-up then Take 10 minutes to build to heavy 3 rep TNG power clean
Take 10 minutes to complete 3×3 TNG power clean at 80%


Hang Cleans (Squat) (135/95)
Toes to Bar
w/ 50 double unders between rounds

15 minute cap