Take the first 8-10 minutes to build up in weight to a moderate (65-75% 1RM) load for CJ / Front Squat. You’ll be completing 6 rounds for time today, so work with a coach to verify what weight is right for you as this is a high volume workout. The weight needs to be heavy enough for you to not go unbroken on all of the weightliftng. This workout will have a cap of 20 minutes. Once everyone is done, and bars are put away, take a few minutes to recover then knock out 100 double unders for time, scale as needed, or go AMRAP in 3 minutes.


6 Rounds for Time

2 Clean and Jerks 205/135
3 Front Squats (same bar)
6 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)
Rest 5 About minutes

then, for time
100 Double Unders

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