11/6/2015 “Becca”

Becca started CF four and a half years ago when a friend from work asked if she would be interested in doing something crazy. After five rounds of P90X, two rounds of Insanity and afternoon runs around the neighborhood, she needed a change of pace so the answer was a resounding “yes!”. And she hasn’t looked back since.
Becca has Crossfitted through two pregnancies and two post-pregnancy “your body is not what it used to be” phases. After her first pregnancy, she participated in Coach Plentus’ BarBelles strength training group for ladies and proceeded to hit PRs that she originally broke while pregnant. Pregnancy PRs are common but post-pregnancy PRs are a thing to brag about. She just recently hit her BarBelles 205# deadlift PR again after two years of work.
After her second pregnancy, Becca needed something new to work on so she focused on push-ups and pull-ups. She was already on the board for push-ups but wanted to get to the top. And she did! Doing an average 100+ push-ups a day will get you there! She continues to work on her pull-ups; two strict pull-ups is nice but she wants more. After the pull-ups, who knows? Maybe a double-under or two would be nice!

AMRAP in 17 minutes:
1 wall walk
4 push jerks, 115/75
8 push-ups
9 toes through rings

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