Break up into teams of 3 or 4 people. Using two barbells at most, find the max weight each of you can overhead squat twice. Since you’re taking it from the ground, you may either do power snatch + two OHS’s, or ¬†snatch + 1 OHS. ¬†Alternatively you may choose to clean and jerk the bar to your back rack position, then overhead squat from there. ¬†

Then, you will do a 10 minute AMRAP of box jumps and wall balls, but only one person works at a time. Go in order and stay in that order for the duration of the AMRAP. Teams may theoretically use only 1 box and 1 wallball, unless teammates are using different heights and weights.

Score the 2RM OHS and AMRAP separately.

In teams of 3 or 4:
15 minutes to establish 2RM OHS (from ground)


AMRAP in 12 minutes:
5 box jumps, 24/20″
10 wall balls, 20/14#

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