4 Sprint intervals today – 2 different formats. Set up a barbell that you can dead lift fast but also equates to a heavy-ish squat clean. Be ready to hit quick muscle-ups and rope climbs too as they’ll start each interval. If you finish all the work in :90 seconds, start again and treat it like an AMRAP in :90. Rest as needed between intervals today, at least 2 minutes should be appropriate.
“Short Cindy” is just meant to be a quick finisher today, scale to ring rows if needed and complete 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 air squats as quickly as you can for 4 minutes.


Take 15 minutes to warm-up and practice rope climbs and muscle up


(2) :90 Intervals of
1 Rope climb
6 dead lifts (185/125)
9 Calorie Row
(2) :90 intervals of
2 Muscle – ups
3 Squat cleans (same bar)
9 burpees over bar

Cash out
AMRAP in 4 minutes
“Short Cindy”

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