Take the first 20-25 minutes of class today to find a new 2 rep snatch. These should be full or “squat” snatches. If you catch your snatches high, then add an overhead squat to your lift so that you are working on getting into the hole. These do not and should not be touch and go lifts – they should be heavy enough that you need to reset. After a 24 minute WOD yesterday, we’re hitting a quick Met-Con today. ┬áThis one is a borrowed WOD from Rob Miller and our friends at CrossFit Deleware Valley, let’s see how we do! ┬áComplete max double unders in 7 minutes, each time you take a break or trip, complete 10 push-ups. Scale the push-up number if needed. Thanks to Rob Miller and CFDV for this fun double under challenge.


Snatch 2RM


From CrossFit Deleware Valley
AMARP in 7 minutes
Double Unders
* each break complete 10 push-ups

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