Start off with an alternating EMOM today. We’ll be working on strict pull-ups – do as many as you can with perfect form in about :40, then transition. The focus today should be on not breaking the hollow position during the pull. This movement is as much core as it is upper body. Start your engines on opposing minutes with burpees – try for 10 per minute. Score for this piece will be total strict pull-ups.
The Met-con is an AMRAP in 12. Front squat weight should be light enough to complete in 1-2 sets. Scale double unders to be done in :30 or less.


EMOM x 10
A :40s Strict Pull-ups
B: 10 Burpees
(score pull-ups)


AMRAP in 12 minutes
30 Double Unders
10 Front Squats (115/75)
3 Rope Climbs