Congratulations Briana

In college playing varsity Field Hockey I truly realized how much lifting was a part of being an athlete. We lifted in season to kept our strength up and out of season was where we really had to push ourselves. It was always exciting hitting a new PR in the off season. After my last season of Field Hockey I still kept going to the gym to get a good lift in to get stronger and keep the strength up I had built over the past 4 years.

Then 3 years ago after graduating I moved down to Philly from Syracuse and had to find a whole new routine for working out. Not knowing about Crossfit at this point I just joined the YMCA and as many intramural sports as I could. I liked going to the more high intensity and lifting geared classes, but never really got the work out I really wanted. I then started to hear about crossfit and what it was all about and thought this would be something that I have been looking for. I would be able to get stronger and get to do a kick my butt type of work out in an hour class!

Going back and and forth I finally did some research about Crossfit and where Crossfit Boxes were in the area and decided to check out Crossfit Thermal. After my first class I was hooked! Especially since the warm up game was Quidditch and it was a member WOD!

Now being at Thermal for about a year I have gained so much! Not only has my strength and endurance increased, but I have hit major PR’s especially in Back Squat and Front Squat (My Favorite Movements!). I have competed in 1 competition and am looking forward to my second next April! Also I can’t forget all the great friends I have gained along the way!

For today your clean and jerk can be “any how” meaning a power clean or full clean, and a power jerk or a split jerk.  Keep in mind if you’re max clean and jerk is via a power clean, you’re probably not near your potential.  For best results dial in your squat clean and get better.  Come to class thinking about improving today, and “make the best of this test….” ha ha.  Have fun and lift heavy!!


1 RM Clean and Jerk


3 Rounds for Time
16 Power Cleans (115/75)
28 Sit-ups
16 Shoulder to overhead (same bar)