20.2 Friday 10/18/19

Tomorrow we’ll be tackling 20.2, who knows what we’ll see, but lets do in Thermal fashion!

For the evening sessions we’ll be mixing things up and going with rolling Heats vs Class times. What this means, is that you can show up anytime between 4:30 and 7:15 and sign up for a heat! Our goal for this week is to intermix the class times and get folks mingling and working out with people they don’t normally see in classes. At the same time if you only have an hour to dedicate to the Open tomorrow, that’s all you need.

For entertainment – DJ Jester will be spinning tunes from 4:30 to 8:30, stick around and have an adult beverage if you can! Also he takes requests and doesn’t bite, ask for some mumble rap or 80’s jams if that’s how you get down!! In addition our friends from “Vigorous Apparel” will be our guests with the latest in apparel and gear for purchase right at the gym!

Bonus Points – since 20.2 is all about community we have 2 social tasks that can earn you points. First option – count / judge for someone not on your team and get an extra point for you team! That means if you’re on the 4:30 squad, but you count for someone on 5:30, you gain the points. We know being around outside your normal class time is tough for some (ahem 6am crew), you can go social on the gram and get the same point added for you team! Just snap a pic post 20.2 with at least one friend #crossfitthermal #iamintheopen #bonuspoints and you’ll get the point as well. Of course just completing the workout at any time will still earn a point for you team. But technically you have a chance at 3 this week! Here’s to hoping for no thrusters in 20.2….Lets get it!