Happy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate, we will do a partner workout. As partners, you’ll be responsible for the total reps listed and may partition as needed. One partner does the prescribed movement while the other holds the isometric position in parentheses. You may switch at any point during the movements and there are no minimum requirements, so create a strategy that works for you two! There are many ways to scale each movement (even the isometric holds) so don’t be intimidated by the movements. Feel free to bring your significant other, friend, family, or enemy! If you don’t have a partner, we can pair you up before class.



Partner WOD
AMRAP in 15 minutes:
25 burpees over partner (plank)
50 KB swings, 55/35# (chin-over-bar hold)
25 wall balls (squat hold)
50 sit ups (handstand hold)

1 Response
  1. Vinny

    G+Mols – 261
    Kevin/Nick – 285
    Russ/Robin – 215
    KT/Megs – 321
    Ditty – 150

    Danielle/Frank – 273
    Marc/Sizzle – 244
    Melinda/Mike – 225
    Bob-Trish – 217
    Dawn/Luke – 227
    Courtney – 258

    *** Happy to say all couples that started together are still together after WOD’ing together! Happy Valentine’s Day!