Let’s start today with somewhat of a structured warm-up. We’ll pull out a bunch of dumbbells and kettlebells and allow you to practice one arm snatches. Try different techniques and weights and get comfortable with the movement since we’ll likely see it in the Open soon. Of course we’ll coach the movement in advance so you understand what it should look like.

After that we’ll be hitting an Open repeat from 2013 – snatches and burpees. In 2013, we had to do burpees to a target 6″ above our reach. If you want to set that up, have at it, otherwise just make sure your burpees are legit – as always.

EMOM x 10 Minutes
A. Bike / Row :40
B. One Arm Snatch Practice

Reebok CrossFit Games Open Workout
17 min time cap
40 burpees, 30 snatches (75/45 lbs)
30 burpees, 30 snatches (135/75 lbs)
20 burpees, 30 snatches (165/100 lbs)
10 burpees, AMRAP snatches (210/120 lbs)