Strength is an alternating EMOM today. Set up a bar with 205/135 or about 70-75% of your max power clean. On the first minute, complete 3 power cleans. On the second minute complete max reps of ring dips in :30 and continue in that fashion for 12 minutes. Your score for the EMOM will simply be RX or scaled, and dips will be the total number of reps completed. Conditioning is a two person workout for time with one athlete working at a time. You may split the work anyway you’d like but you must complete the work in the order it is written.


Alternating EMOM for 12 Minutes
A) 3 power cleans (205/135)
B) :30 ME ring dips


In teams of 2 complete for time
Row 2K
100 Double unders
50 burpees

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