In the beginning of class, find a 1RM clean (full squat, no power) In between attempts, work on your handstand progression – hold a handstand against a wall, practice kicking up, attempt freestanding handstands, etc.
The metcon is death by thrusters. Once the clock starts, do 1 thruster the first minute, 2 thrusters the 2nd minute, etc. If you can go all 12 minutes, you are finished. If you cannot complete the required work (e.g. you can only do 6 thrusters when you should have completed 8) then you will do X burpees EMOM for the remainder of 12 minutes. E.g. using the example of failing at the “8” round, you would have successfully completed 7 thrusters in the previous round, so now you will do 7 burpees EMOM for the remainder of the time. Everyone finishes at 12:00 minutes whether they’re doing thrusters or burpees.


A.) Clean, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1
B.) Handstand practice


For 12 minutes:
Death by thruster, 115/75#

if cannot complete, do X burpees EMOM where X = number of thrusters successfully completed (not counting failed round)

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