For this 20 minute AMRAP, one of the movements you’ll be doing is KB step ups. You may hold the KB anyway you’d like and step up onto a standard sized box. You must do 6 on your left leg and 6 on your right, but you may choose to alternate or do 6/6. Power snatches should be fairly heavy, but avoid pressing out too much. We would rather you have a clean lock out than ugly press out. Lastly, substitute 6 rope pulls for the 2 prescribed rope climbs. Most of you should be doing the 24 double unders per round since it’s an AMRAP.

AMRAP in 20 minutes:
200m run
24 double unders
12 step ups, 24/20″ 53/35#
6 power snatches, 125/85#
2 rope climbs