Black Out Week – Starts 4/4/16

Black out Week

At CrossFit Thermal we try to keep the body and the mind guessing.  That’s why we program our workouts using a constantly varied array of movements, time domains and skill progressions.  At CrossFit’s inception, it was said that the main goal of Crossfit was to prepare its participants for the “unknown and the unknowable”.   This means, to make sure that we’re ready for whatever life throws our way; carrying children, crawling under a car to fix a leak, joining in for a beach volleyball game, or even fending off a bear!

If you do the same workouts and movements every day, your body adapts and progress stalls.  By the same token if you are able to mentally prepare or even psych yourself out of a workout or task, your results can also be skewed.  Enter “BLACK OUT WEEK”

Twice a year CrossFit Thermal goes dark…we keep the lights on but we turn off our WOD blog and members simply show up to workout with no warning of what’s to come.  The WOD will be announced when you arrive for the workout that day.  This is a great opportunity to see how prepared you are for a challenging workout that you could not anticipate.  As coaches we have a lot of fun with challenging surprises to throw at our members.  We can encourage everyone to come out often during BLACK OUT WEEK.  It’s going to be fun, see you there!

BLACK OUT WEEK – 4/4 through 4/10

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