We are going to focus a bit more on gymnastic skill and strength over the next six weeks. For instance, today’s alternating EMOM consists of snatches and handstand variations. For the snatches, you may choose to do power or full snatches – the point is to focus on good form. Use the same weight across all sets. For handstands, choose one of these options: 1.) 3 mat handstand walk 2.) 5-10 hspu’s 3.) 5-10 box hspu’s 4.) 5-10 stink bugs.

The metcon is a series of tests: you have 5 minutes to find a max unbroken set of double unders – note that we’re only looking for one unbroken set, not max effort in 5 minutes. Then rest 1 minute, and find max effort (AMRAP) of push-ups in 2 minutes. This is not meant to be unbroken. Rest one minute, then repeat in similar fashion for sit-ups. Score each component separately.

Alternating EMOM for 10 minutes:
A.) 3 snatches, moderately heavy
B.) 5-10 handstand variations*


5 minutes to establish max UB set of double unders
rest 1 minute
ME push-ups in 2 minutes
rest 1 minute
ME sit-ups in 2 minutes