CrossFit Thermal 2016 Spring Nutrition Challenge

You’ve been coming to Thermal every day and putting in work.  You’ve been dialing in your lifts and hitting PRs.  You’ve crushed met-cons, improved your scales and changed your physique.  We’re proud of the work you’ve done, and now we’re going to ask you to do more.  It’s time to tackle the Spring 2016  “CrossFit Thermal Nutrition Challenge”.

Often times what separates an average athlete from an advanced one, are elements that our controlled outside the gym setting.   The most important factors for most of us are stress level, sleep and nutrition.  Believe it or not, all three of these items work hand in hand.   Starting this month, we’ll be hosting a challenge open to all Thermal athletes.  Our plan is to make improvements to how we look, feel and perform through a group, goal oriented, coach led nutrition challenge.

What is the Challenge?

For the next 30 days, we’re going “Paleo”!  There are a ton of resources available on Paleo nutrition and its popularity has risen in conjunction with CrossFit.  At its simplest form, it’s not necessarily a “diet”, it’s a lifestyle.  It starts with how you food shop, and prepare meals, but its simplicity is also what makes it such a great way to start living healthier.

What Resources do I Have Available to me?

First and foremost, we’re urging all of our members to come to the 1 hour “Challenge Kickoff” to be held this Wednesday the 13th at 6:30pm.  Coaches Vinny and Plentus, will discuss what “Paleo” is and why it will make you healthier and a better athlete.  We’ll field questions from members and discuss strategies on how to handle 30 days without Kit Kats and Pizza (or whatever your vice may be).  We’ll also talk about how to make some of this change permanent.  Dieting in its traditional sense doesn’t work, because its only temporary.  But if you can alter the way you shop, cook and choose your foods, you can live a healthier lifestyle and see lasting results,.

The CrossFit Thermal coaching staff is always an email away.  Please send us your questions about how to shop, how to prepare meals or how to stay on track.

Use the Facebook members group for community support and recipe sharing.

Check out the Thermal library for cookbooks, shopping lists and other reading material.

Take a look at one of last year’s challenges here:

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