For today’s strength work, we’re going for capacity! You’ll be hitting 5 sets of 15 push press with only :30 between sets. Use a weight that you think you can succeed with, as you will have an opportunity to add weight later in this phase. Don’t try 95/65 and only get 2 sets in. Scale smart and go for CAPACITY.

Our met-con is an alternating EMOM with a goal of rowing for calories. You’ll go for max calories each time you hit the rower keeping track of your total across the 5 rounds. The other two movements are simply for completion – you must hit all reps but they add no value to your rep count.

Titan Day 4
“Push Press Madness”
5×15 using :30 rest between sets

EMOM x 15
A. Row Calories
B. 10 Kettlebell Swings (70/55)
C. 25 Air Squats