For today’s strength work, we’re going for capacity again. You’ll be hitting 5 sets of 15 push press with only :30 between sets. Use a weight that is heavier than you did on 4/13, or try again to get (95/65) The goal is not about going heavy it’s about building capacity.

For conditioning, two movements (CJ and burpee over bar) have an ascending rep scheme, going up by one rep each round. Bar Muscle Ups stay constant at 3 reps per round. For scoring, ignore the BMU count and enter rounds plus reps.

If you completed 8 CJ and 8 burpees, thats 8 rounds, then you got 6 CJ in the round of 9 equaling a score of 8+6, if you hit all Bar MU, that would be RX.

Titan Strength
“Push Press Madness”
5×15 using :30 rest between sets
Base weight off of 4/13 effort

prerequisite 95/65 before adding


AMRAP in 8 minutes
* = Ascending Reps
1* Clean and Jerk (135/95)
1* Burpee over bar

3 Bar Muscle Up

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