Take the beginning of class to dial in shoulder mobility and movement technique. Partner up and set up barbells in the rack taking a few minutes to zero in on the appropriate weight for today. Once you declare that you are starting – that is your set. You have one shot to complete up to 30 reps using any of the 3 pressing movements. Start with strict press and go until you can not complete any more reps, then without resting begin to accumulate reps using the push press, again, stopping when you can no longer push press. Your last chance to get to 30 will be using the push-jerk. Let’s see how many of us can get to 30 reps!

The idea here is building capacity, don’t go for 95 pounds and only get 20 reps, be smart about the weight and make your set count.

Titan Strength
30 rep Overhead Complex

Press (until failure)
Push Press (until failure)
Push Jerk (until failure)

beat 4/27 (pre req 95/65)


For Time
10-1 Dead lifts (225/155)

1-10 High Box Jump (30/24)

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