Start with some accessory strength work today in an EMOM format. Choose a range for pull-ups that is appropriate for you, or go with ring rows or assisted pull-ups as a scale.

The met-con is for time today and uses two different rep counts. 15-12-9 on the overhead squats (which should be a moderate weight), 21-15-9 on the heavy KB swings.

After the last KB swing, sprint to a rower and finish out the WOD with a 500M Sprint!

EMOM x 10

A. Strict Pull-ups (5-10)
B. Back Rack Step-ups
(115/75) x 10 5L/5R

– base box height on height of athlete

For Time

Overhead Squat (115/75)

Kettlebell Swings (70/53)

Row 500M

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