For pressing strength today, we’ll be focusing on some stability work. This will be a new movement for most of you, so experiment and go LIGHT. Actually using lighter KBs can provide more instability as they will bounce around more. The idea is that as you’re pressing the barbell out you’ll have to deal with the bobbing and unpredictable bouncing of the hanging KBs. Let’s tackle it for 5 sets of 5, almost no one should need more than 35# KBs.

Our met-con is a fun interval style jawn!! Sprint it out on either the bike or rower, then hit a quick set of 10 buprees to plate (this will standardize ROM). Once that is done head right to the heavy KB for a set of 10. Record your best and worst times today!


Stability Press Work
KBs banded to bar

Go By feel for weight


4 Intervals of

12 Cal Row / 8 Bike
10 Burpees to Plate (25)
10 KB Swings (70/53)

record your best / worst

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