For strength, take the bar out of the rack and find a 3RM overhead squat. Mobility and staying tight in the bottom are the keys to success for this.
In the metcon, you’ll become very familiar with your kettlebell. Start each round with 25 swings, then hold onto the kettlebell for your 25m walking lunges (you may hold the bell anyhow – with one hand, two hands, on a shoulder, etc) After that, you’ll do 25 V-ups, thankfully without the KB. Try to keep those legs straight and reach as far up your legs as possible, snapping up in a dynamic fashion for each rep.



3 RM Overhead Squat


3 rounds for time:
25 KB swings, 55/35#
25 meter walking lunges, 55/35#
25 V-ups

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1 Response
  1. Coach P

    Deeks 205/11:11
    Megs 95/10:24
    Molly O 75/11:58
    Lisa 45/13:44 26/su
    Lisa S 70/13:59 26/su
    Becca 70/13:52 su
    Rachael 100
    Roni 100/11:43
    Melinda 35/11:02 8kg/su
    Courtney 45/11;13 26#
    Ron form/12:31 Rx
    Sizzle 185/15:45 35# su
    K 115/14:30 Rx
    Lam 145/12:06 Rx
    Taylor 85/12:38 12kg crunch
    Ali 85/10:57 35# mod
    Dawn 95/11:37 8 kg mod
    Sara 85/12:09 35# mod
    Molly 100/12:356 26 su
    Nick 145 PR (115 was his 1RM???) / 12:00 rX
    Grant 225/12;01 Rx+ GHD