Titan Phase II

Our new phase of strength training begins today – Titan Phase II

Here at Thermal, CrossFit is about improving our health, increasing our overall fitness level and having a blast while doing it.  While that will remain our focus no matter what types of workouts we do, it’s sometimes beneficial to add even more structure to our program.  This new phase of training is designed to increase raw strength and capacity in the dead lift, as well as create proficiency for the overhead squat.  We’ll be doing this while maintaining a high level of gymnastics proficiency and keeping our conditioning at its peak.

How do you get the most out of this phase?  Show up on Monday’s and Thursday’s ready for strength.  If you miss a day of the phase the Forge is available for make-up work.  If you fall behind you will always be able to jump back in, as each day’s work will be percentage based. The only requirement is that you do take the time to find a 5RM dead lift even if you miss it on June 19th.

On days other than Monday and Thursday, we’ll keep it constantly varied.  Gymnastics work, long Met-cons, core, and Oly movements will be spread out through the rest of the week.  We’ll also keep up with “Partner Saturday” as well as “Country Club” during the Titan phase.

We’re looking forward to you all getting stronger over the next 2 months; you’ll have the support of the coaching staff and each other the entire way.  Let’s get strong, let’s have fun, and let’s move some weight!!


Dead Lift 5 RM

Using the majority of class, build up to the heaviest 5 rep set you can hit.

There are 4 rules to this lift

  1. No rounded backs or the lift doesn’t count
  2. No hitching the bar up your thighs or the lift doesn’t count
  3. No dropping between reps or after rep 5, bar must be returned to the ground under control
  4. If you lift 2x body-weight or more, or 365/255 for 5, please try to get a video and add it to your performance today.  We’ll need this when we retest, the point here is we want to make sure we’re moving well for each lift.



For Time

Row 40/30 Calories

30 Burpees

20 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)

10  Goblet Squats (53/35)

Time Cap 10 minutes