Today is the day! Let’s wrap up phase one of Titan with a max effort 1 rep Front Squat. This is a good day to spend extra time mobilizing for the squat, and dialing in the finer points of your lift. Before your take your attempt, consider doing a “walk out”. Add 10-20% more than you intend to lift, step out of the rack and hold steady for a few seconds, then return the bar to the rack, unload the bar and GO FOR IT. The idea is to trick your brain into thinking that your actual attempt “feels” light. As you progress to your 1RM attempt consider using the rep scheme 5,3,2,2,1,1,1.

Test 1RM Front Squat

For Time

Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
Burpee Pull-ups
Thrusters (45/33)

Cap 12 Minutes

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