New rep scheme today for dead lift work.  Treat this as a super set moving from the dead lifts right into the Russian kettlebell swings.  Stay tight and return the tenth rep to the ground, and use a KB weight that is heavy but manageable for you over all three sets.  Percentages are high today, big jump from last week.  If needed, reduce loading by 5-10% based on ability

Dead lift + Russian Kettlebell Swings

1 x 10 @ 65 % + 10 KB Swings (heavy)

1 x 10 @ 70% + 10 KB swings (heavy)

1 x 10 @ 75% + 10 KB Swings (heavy)


“Death by Snatch / Burpee”


On the first minute 1 power snatch + 1 burpee, on the second minute 2+2, third minute 3+3 etc etc…once you miss record the highest minute (as rounds) that you completed.  Take a minute off if needed then jump back in with only burpees until 15 minutes are up

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