7/14/2017 – Lynne


Thanks for the posts about benchmark WODs guys – lets hit one today!  This is how it works….

There is no time element to this WOD, you simply need to complete 5 rounds within the class time, and you may rest as needed between sets.  While using a spotter,  complete max reps of bench press, once you have completed your set immediately move to pull-ups and complete a max effort set.


1 You must use a spotter

2 You must move IMMEDIATELY from the bench to the bar.  This means that if you need chalk, do it before you bench.

3 Max effort means max effort, no leaving reps in the tank, if you don’t see a significant drop off after each set you are doing something wrong.  Your pull-up set is over once you come off the bar / rings, or can no longer achieve range of motion.

4 Treat each and every set as your “last” set.  Meaning, that each time you start, assume that that effort will be the last thing that you have to do today.  Read: don’t sandbag.

5  Scale – if you are a man weighing 160 pounds and can bench 160 for 3 reps, scale down to 115 and hit 12 reps!  This workout is about volume and only about 20% of the gym should RX.

6 Scale pull-ups so that you can achieve a minimum of 5 reps for each set.  Use scales that will limit you by strength not endurance. i.e ring rows is a better choice than jumping pull-ups.


Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press (3/4 BW for ladies)

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