For today we’ll be hitting some volume for the overhead squat. We’ve been working a lot on positioning and weight over the past two weeks. Today we lower the weight and go for sets of 10 increasing the weight if needed for each set. The goal here is to stay consistent with form across 10 reps, not to find a 10 RM.

Drills this week if not yet able to overhead squat include PVC work, wall squats and holds. If you’ve been improving with this movement, try some pause overhead squats with a barbell. Sets of 5 with a 3 second pause should help you dial in positioning and create stability in the movement.

“Overhead Squat”
A. 10,10,10
B. If still needed take a 1RM test
C. Drills
1. Overhead Squat Hold with PVC :30/:30
2. Pause Overhead Squats x 5
3. Wall Squats x 10

4 intervals resting between each

Row 15/12 Calorie Row
15 Wall Balls (UB set)* (20/14)
15 Sit-ups

*if you break your set of Wall Balls, your set is over, move to sit-ups, scale appropriately.

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