One of the “OG” tests for CrossFit was the 15 rep body-weight overhead squat. Very few have ever been able to achieve this, so today we’ll try a variation, and give our best overhead squatters a chance to try it too!

For the Met-con, each time you get to push-ups, do as many as you can each round until form degrades or you max out. We’ll be counting total reps today in WODIFY.

Choose based on proficiency.

A. 4 x 15 perfect barbell OHS
B. 3 x 15 @ 1/2 BW OHS
C. Build and attempt BW x 15


AMRAP In 8 minutes

15 Kettlebell Swings (55/35)
25 Air Squats
1 Set Max UB broken Push-ups

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