For strength today we’ll be completing waves of front squats on the :90. 3 total rounds are prescribed here, so you will go 5,3,1 then repeat that for 2 additional rounds. Keep in mind that the percentages given are for those who have a solid understanding of what their personal 1RM is and that it is a true 1RM. Athletes who are unsure should work with a coach or adjust as needed.

Our met-con today is simple in terms of technical difficulty, this should allow you to maintain a high level of intensity when moving through this long sprint!! Can you go unbroken on the kettebell swings for the whole workout?


Front Squat
Three rounds Waves on the :90

1st Set 5 reps at 60%
2nd Set 3 reps at 75%
3rd Set 1 rep at 80-85%

AMRAP in 8 Minutes

21 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
14 Abmat Sit-ups
21 Air Squats
14 Push-ups

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