MaryKate started her crossfit journey as a sophomore in college. After playing soccer all through high school, then going to a college where playing soccer and being a nursing major were unheard of. Unfortunately she had to choose soccer or nursing.. unfortunately nursing won.. womp womp! MaryKate quickly realized that playing soccer was a big part of who she was, when it was over she found her self depressed and some what bored. She found her self going to the college gym, which didn’t seem to satisfy her workout craving. So she then was introduced to crossfit through a friend. “I was told by many, I wouldn’t be able to work out everyday, and study, and maintain a 3.5 GPA. Well needless to say I was ambitious to prove them all wrong! The crossfit community has been one that is so contagious and inviting! I have loved every minute of it. I was able to go to crossfit, go to school and still have a social life! #winning.. So needless to say, I love crossfit and am very happy to be apart of the crossfit thermal community! I am eager to better myself, and get those pull ups and t2b strung together!! Gymastic movements I’m coming for ya!”

In the beginning of class we’ll learn the Turkish Get Up. For those new to it, just use this time to play with the movement and learn it well. For others, you may want to go for the heaviest weight you can do for each arm. Wodify will log it as a 1RM, but you can make a note if you just practiced.
Today, we’re celebrating MK! Besides Turkish Get-Ups, she also likes mini WODs with rest and these movements. Power clean weight should be moderately heavy – somewhere around 65% is about right. Push jerks for the second part should be slightly lighter than the power cleans. You’ll have to clean these from the ground though. You will have two separate scores: total rounds and reps for the first mini WOD, and total rounds and reps for the second mini WOD.


Turkish Get-Up


AMRAP in 7 min:
6 power cleans, 155/105#
18 wall balls, 20/14# 

rest 3 minutes 

AMRAP in 7 min:
6 push jerks, 135/95#
27 KB swings, 53/35#


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