The two components (strength + metcon) will run consecutively (no breaks between). You will get into teams of 3 (4 is acceptable) and quickly find a 2RM back squat for each of you. You will need to take it from a single rack with a single bar.
Immediately following the 10 minutes of strength, you will transition to the metcon. One person will run 200m while another teammate starts on wall balls and the third starts on burpees facing parallettes. When the runner returns, they replace the person doing the wall balls who replaces the person doing the burpees who goes out and runs. Cycle through this counting only wall balls and burpees. If you have a 4th person, they will be “siamese twins” with someone else, and doing movements simultaneously. The strength component will be scored individually for everyone as a 5RM back squat. However, the metcon score is different than usual – it is the (total back squat weight + total reps) / # of people. For example, if 3 people each squat 200 lbs and the team gets a total of 300 reps, then your score is (600 + 300)/3 = 300.


Teams of 3 or 4:
5RM back squat in 10 min.


AMRAP in 15 minutes:
wall balls, 20/14#
burpees facing parallettes
run 200m