Today you get to choose the movements from certain categories, so think about what you want to do before coming in. For A, you should do work for 40 seconds. For B and C, it should be about 30 seconds of work, but it will be dependent on what you do. (e.g. 15 pull-ups per round won’t take that long at first, but it may after 5 rounds) For D (barbell movements), choose something that is about 5 reps worth of work. These should not be anywhere near a max weight – look at this as more of barbell practice for form and efficiency.

“Choose Your Own Adventure” EMOM 32 minutes:
A) Run, Row, DU, or Airdyne
B) Bodyweight movement (pu, burpee, hspu, etc)
C) Wall ball, KB swing, or box jump
D) Barbell movement 5 reps

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