We’ll start class with a 21-15-9 triplet keep the dead lifts to a manageable load. Notice that the rep count for the double unders is different than the dead lifts and burpees. To start you’ll hit 21 dead lifts and 21 burpees, then 60 double unders, and so on…..

After breakdown we’ll be saving the final 15 minutes of class to work on handstand progressions. If proficient, use option “A”, if not, consider where you are and whats holding you back. Work with a coach to develop a custom approach for over coming your weakness.

For Time

Dead lift 185/125
Burpees over Bar

Double Unders


Take 15 minutes for Kipping Handstand Push-ups practice

A. complete 3 sets for total reps and record (rest as needed)
B. Treat it as an EMOM and complete 1-5 reps about every other minute
C. Use the time to improve skill and strength for this movement