For the strength complex, you’ll do 1 deadlift, then a hang (squat) clean, then a full (squat) clean. For this, you must touch and go between the hang clean and clean (no dropping the bar, although you may regrip once you bring the bar back to your hips/thighs on the way down)
Don’t be confused by the 9-6-3 or 21-15-9 rep scheme in the metcon – you are still doing 3 rounds. In other words, once you do your 3 front squats and 9 push-ups, you go back to the beginning and start over with 9 front squats and 21 push-ups. Those who need to scale should scale the weight for front squats (keep the reps) but scale the reps of push-ups to something like 15-12-9. Of course you may also modify the movement to a backpack push-up or elevated.


Deadlift + hang clean + clean

20 Minutes to a heavy complex


3 rounds for time:
9 front squats, 155/105#
21 push-ups
6 front squats, 155/105#
15 push-ups
3 front squats, 155/105#
9 push-ups