For bench press, get in three heavy sets of 8 reps each. Increase weight, but since they all should be heavy, those jumps between working sets shouldn’t be too big. For the metcon, we’re going to test your grip strength and ability to stay on the pull-up bar doing a gymnastic complex. Each complex counts as 1 rep and consists of doing TTB + CTB + KTE + PU. Do that complex 5 times, then go back out for the run. You may drop from the bar at any time and you may stay on the bar between complexes. Your score is rounds + reps (remember that 1 rep = 1 complex)



Bench press
8, 8, 8


AMRAP in 15 minutes:
200m run
5 gymnastic complexes*

*1 gymnastic complex = 1 toes-to-bar +1 chest-to-bar pull-up + 1 knees-to-elbows + 1 pull-up

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