For strength, work up to a 5 rep deadlift – go for a PR attempt if you’re feeling good, otherwise just keep it heavy. Then, deload to 65% of that weight for the metcon. At the top of the first minute, you will do 1 deadlift and 20 double unders, then rest for the remainder of the minute. At the top of the second minute, you will do 2 deadlifts and 20 double unders and rest the remainder of the minute. Continue adding one deadlift to the sequence each minute. You are done once you cannot complete the required work. Your score is the completed round + extra reps. Scale double unders to something you can do in about 15-20 seconds. For today, singles are acceptable as a scale in order to stay consistent and moving.


5RM Dead lift


Death by deadlifts and double unders:
Min 1: 1 deadlift + 20 double unders
Min 2: 2 deadlifts + 20 double unders
Min 3: 3 deadlifts + 20 double unders

use 65% of the weight from strength

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