A bench mark workout that takes a lot of skill;  “Amanda” requires you to display possibly the 2 most challenging of the basic movements used in CrossFit.  There was a time that I thought the muscle up was harder, than the snatch. But then, as I got better at each movement, the snatch proved to be more challenging.  Today, many will scale, and that’s ok, just do so appropriately so that you still reach intensity.  Scale your muscle ups to pull-up and dip combinations, or if you have been working on muscle up transitions – do or try jumping muscle ups.  For the snatches, go with a moderate weight (most people should not be able to string) and complete the squat portion of the lift even if you catch the snatches in the power position.  Good luck!




Snatches (full)

Rest 5 minutes or more, then

Alternating tabata
for 2 rounds back to back
8 minutes total
sit-ups / curls

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