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Clean pull
2, 2, 2


KB swings, 55/35#

Clean pulls are designed to help you feel heavier weight in your hands (hook grip of course) and work on keeping your arms loose through the first and second pulls. Get into your clean setup, sweep the knees back as you raise your shoulders and hips at the same rate, pull the bar into your lap, and extend those hips, shrugging at the top. You should try to keep the bar as close as possible and arms straight. (a clean high pull would have the arms bend, but we are not doing that today). You may either hold onto the bar and reset, but if your form is inconsistent, drop the bar and get properly setup.
The metcon consists of 3 movements in Tabata fashion (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off), but you will ROTATE after each. So instead of our normal 8 rounds of pull-ups, you’ll do :20 of pull-ups, :10 of rest, :20 of KB swings, :10 rest, :20 of V-ups, :10 rest, etc. for 24 total rounds. Your score is total reps. 

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