This is a workout from the upcoming “Girls on Girls V” competition this coming weekend. Come out and support our two Thermal teams: Courtney/Kelli and Jess/Kate! At the call of 3-2-1-GO!, Partner A will complete 4 Pullups. Partner B will complete 4 Barbell Thrusters and Partner A will complete 4 Burpees. For the remainder of minute one, both partners will rest and change positions. In minute two, Partner B will complete 5 Pullups, Partner A will complete 5 Thrusters and Partner B 5 Burpees. Both will rest until the end of the minute. Teams will continue this pattern, incrementing each movement by one rep each minute, until they cannot complete the required reps in that round. Teams will finish at different times and the maximum amount of time any team will be on the floor will be ten minutes.

“Hurry Up!”
In partners, 10 min AMRAP/EMOM
Partner A: 4 pull-ups
Partner B: 4 thrusters, 95/65#
Partner A: 4 burpees

Partner B: 5 pull-ups
Partner A: 5 thrusters
Partner B: 5 burpees