To find your 1RM jerk, focus on staying upright in the dip and using your legs to drive the bar off your shoulders. Once the bar gets to your forehead, punch under it and lock those arms out. Power jerks or split jerks are options for today.

The metcon is short and sweet but you’ve got to do it twice!! – You’ll be going against a 7 minute clock each time and you’ll need to hit a 400m sprint and 30 burpees. Who can finish under 5 minutes? Under 3??  You have the full 7 minutes each time to complete the prescribed work, if you finish ahead of the clock, then you earn rest.  If not, you’ll have to start the second round immediately at the 7 minute mark.  Good luck.


Take 20 minutes to finds a 1 RM Jerk for the day


2 rounds, each against a 7 minute clock

For time:
400m run
30 burpees