A Thermal Throwdown 2/19/16

Since we’re gearing up for the 2016 Open, we thought it would be a great idea to have an epic “Throwdown” next Friday night! Here’s what we’re looking for…

We need about 8 individuals who want to “Throwdown” and test their skills in a quick custom head to head match up!  The match ups will be verified by coach Vin to make sure that we’ve got evenly matched competitors and fun to watch formats.

Who should enter?  Anyone that wants to have some fun and try something new…all you need to do is volunteer and tell me what you’d like to do!  Think you’ve got a good 1RM Dead lift?  How about max unbroken pull-ups, or fastest Fran time???

Here are a few thoughts that came to my mind

Mitch vs Deeks in a 205# bench off for reps

Aileen vs Mike Lyon in a race to 100 wall ballls

Dave Sullivan vs Deery 1 RM dead lift

Jess B vs Maggie in “Fran”

Nick Laffredo vs G baby in a Wolfpack throwdown – max unbroken pull-ups

You don’t have to be great at something to participate – you just have to want to have fun, I’ll make sure the match-ups are fair and we all have fun!!  Who is in…?



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