Announcing CrossFit Level 2 Class

Starting this Saturday, CrossFit Thermal will be offering a level 2 class.  The class will be held every Saturday at 8:00am.

What is the class?

We’re looking to offer something more for those of you competing in Summer competitions and for anyone looking to get to the next level in CrossFit.  The level 2 Class will be one hour long and include weightlifting and skill work each week.  Programming will be provided and available on the blog and on WODIFY for anyone interested.  There will be a coach present at all sessions, but you will be expected to be able to warm-up and perform the workouts without guidance.

Who should come to the class?

The more the merrier of course, but anyone looking to show up to level 2 should be able to handle themselves with regard to scaling and loads.  If you typically RX or get close to RX  in workouts, you should be fine.  This is simply a matter of safety, since a coach won’t be in charge, we have to ensure everyone working out knows what they are doing.  If you not sure if level 2 would be right for you, please check with a coach.