Ok, so you’re doing the challenge, now what?

Whether you showed up for the Nutrition Challenge Kickoff or not, you still need to decide if you’re taking on the 30 day Paleo Challenge.  If you’re in, here is what you need to do…

  1. Sign up on the whiteboard in the gym, this will serve as a reminder as to who is in and create a community within a community for supporting each other.
  2. Read the blog posts on the blog and on FB.  We’ve been putting out tons of material lately and the information you need is out there – stay plugged in!!
  3. Optional – Get weighed at Thermal, record this as your starting weight.
  4. Optional – Get body fat measurements at Thermal, record this as well.
  5. Optional – Take or have photos taken of your “before” self.
  6. Create your log.  This can be done using MyFitnessPal, Google Docs, Excel, or you may simply use pen and paper or even a word doc.  Over the 30 days you’ll need to log what you eat (everything is ideal, but do the best you can).  At the end of the challenge you’ll submit the log for review.

Winning should be a secondary goal for this challenge, but just so that we can declare a winner, here is the point system;

3 points – Perfect Paleo for the day, no mistakes

2 points – Minor slip up for the day (hidden sugar at a meal etc…)

1 point – Multiple slip ups, but still maintaining overall adherence

0 points – obvious or intentional lack of effort regarding food choices, or “cheat days”

In addition to points, participants who complete the optional tasks listed above will be ranked higher than those who do not.

If you need help deciding what is Paleo and isn’t check out Robb Wolf’s Paleo matrix