Athlete of The Month – Colleen Hennessy

Colleen was a competitive dancer all of her life and was also involved in track, soccer, and cheerleading in later years. Since she was always active, so she never had to worry about working out at a traditional gym. Once college was over Colleen was lost when it came to work outs. For years she belonged to a local gym and enjoyed the classes but never went consistently. It took a car accident and a couple of arm surgeries for her to take her health serious and find a workout routine she enjoyed and could stick to. Colleen was hooked after her first CrossFit class but had to try a couple of gyms before finding the correct fit. When she moved to Conshohocken and had to start the process all over again, she was overwhelmed. Colleen immediately felt comfortable when she walked into Thermal. It may have taken a year of drop-ins to finally make the full time change to Thermal – but she has never looked back.   

Thank you to the coaches for teaching me something new every time I walk in the door and thanks to the members for making the workouts so enjoyable!  


The Murph Challenge 2023

Each year for Memorial Day we host an Event here at CFC called “Murph” or officially “The Murph Challenge”.  “Murph” is a Hero workout, performed

May 2023 – What’s In The Box

Ladies Night – Last Call Calling all CFC Ladies! It’s not too late to show up for tomorrow night’s Ladies Night!  The event starts at

May Wendler Cycle

FIVE, THREE, ONE, GAINS!Strength and muscle building are two important aspects of fitness that many people strive to improve. While there are many different training


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