Babysitting Is Here!!!

This Saturday is not only our CrossFit Thermal Anniversary Celebration, we’re also happy to announce that it will be our first babysitting offering.  As our community continues to grow in membership, it also has grown in the kiddos that our members have in tow.   At 9am we’ll be offering babysitting to members with children for just $3.  Your kid/kids will remain onsite and be accessible to you at all times but they’ll also be out of sight so you can focus on your workout for a full hour!

Thermal member Joanna Palac is back and has accepted the first position as “Thermal Babysitter”. Most of you already know her and know that your kids will be in great hands, but if you don’t stop by and say hello this Saturday as she’ll be in around 8:30am.

Jo, is currently in nursing school so, of course her services won’t be available daily, but we plan getting a structure in place so that you know in advance when we’ll have it available.  Saturday morning seemed like a great place to start.  We hope that you’re available this weekend to take advantage of this great new offering from CrossFit Thermal.

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