Barbells and Beers – 9/6

Join us….

On Friday September, 6 th 2019 after the 6:30 WOD for Thermal’s first bottle share! This is event is open to both beer AND ciders. Let us know you plan to attended by RSVP’ing on Facebook!

What is a bottle share? A bottle share is simply a get-together where each person brings beer (or cider in our case) to open and share with other attendees.

You are encouraged to bring at least two bottles of your favorite local/craft beer/cider to store in the refrigerator while we do the WOD at 6:30. Afterwards we’ll be taking the bottles out in batches to help ensure nothing gets too warm before you have an opportunity try it. We’ll also share some beer knowledge with you! What’s the difference between a New England IPA & a West Coast IPA? Do some beers taste better when they’re warm?

This is a wonderful opportunity to explore different styles of beer and ciders that you may not have had the opportunity to try or may have never thought to try. The point is to try a little of a lot! It’s also a great time to get to meet, and see, other members from the gym! Maybe 6am is a mythical time that’s never been proven to exist or 6:30pm is your time to wind down, we’ll have members from all different classes in attendance.

If you have any questions, reach out to Coach Nate ([email protected])!


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