We’ve received your feedback from the survey regarding your thoughts on the squat cycle. After consideration of community interests, we present to you our next cycle, “Trident”. A trident is a three-pronged spear, relevant to us for the three major components that we will focus on during the next 6 weeks. Because of the capability that you showed during the squat cycle as well as some of the feedback from our survey, we decided that we will be focusing on three different, yet related strength elements.

Showing an increase on a micro level with each of these elements will have a great impact on the individual goals that we each have. As our performance metrics increase , and in this case specifically our strength and strength endurance, we’ll see that carry over into our conditioning segments. With an increased ability on these 3 fronts, we can expect to achieve higher levels of intensity during workouts, go heavier, perform bigger sets of body weight gymnastics and increase our core strength.

This cycle will run from 7/29 – 9/6. Week One will be three baseline tests making up the basis of our cycle. Our baselines will test the following:

  • 1 Rep Push Press (Vertical Pressing Strength)
  • 10 Rep Deadlift (Strength Endurance)
  • Max 1-Count Pull-up OR Inverted Barbell Row (Relative Strength)

The cycle will consist of 6 components spread over the course of 5 weekdays. Each weekday will have a different focus, listed as follows:

Day 1) Pressing Strength

Day 2) “Non-Barbell” WOD

Day 3) Pull-up Strength

Day 4) Squat-Focused

Day 5) “Classic Crossfit” + Pull-up Accessory Work

Day 6) Deadlift-Focused

Of course, each day will be “CrossFit”, we have some creative ways to mix all of these pieces into some fun and engaging workouts. Our goal is to follow this framework, while always mixing it up and keeping your body and mind guessing.

Saturday and Sunday will not be included in the program. As usual, Saturday will be a team or partner-style workout. Sunday’s will be run differently during the cycle. Athletes will have a choice of either an endurance-style workout (longer MetCon with heavy cardio focus) or a “Make-Up Day” in order to do a workout that they may have missed during the week.